My Job Sucks| Can You Relate?

My job sucks balls like you can’t even believe, but that’s OK.

my job sucks

Yes it’s really bad, but guess what? Just because my job sucks, I don’t have to let it consume me. I did for a long time. It was all I could think of.

I’d bitch, piss, and moan to anyone who would listen. I was able to get past that because of two really good friends of mine. Now these two cats don’t even know each other and have never met.

One of them, Larry is a childhood friend. He’s also the guy that got me into blogging and all this internet stuff. He was telling me that by constantly having my job in the front of my mind I might be sending the universe the wrong message.

The very thing I hated would keep me trapped because I was letting it consume so much of my being. Essentially my attitude was going to keep me trapped in that job.

My job sucks therefore I hate my job the video


OK same day separate conversation. My good friend Joe calls me up. I went to personal training school with Joe and he really taught me to lift weights the right way. NO muscle head bullshit, just pure technique. So what’s the conversation turn towards, my job and that my job sucks.

So two totally different conversations from two different people about the same subject matter, but from two different perspectives.

Now don’t get me wrong my job sucks that hasn’t changed, but I have.

See it no longer consumes me. Now I see it as a vehicle to get out of it. I’m now grateful and happy for my job. Every day I’m a little happier then I was the day before, because each day I come a little closer to escaping my job thanks to my job. You see I use my job to fund my internet marketing. Which my income keeps climbing little by little do to my efforts and hard work.

So my job sucks still and maybe your job does to. Well I’ve got  a plan to get of it and you should too. There is a button down below click it, enter your e-mail, and let’s begin hatching your escape plan together.


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Dave- “I grew up Poor, on Government Assistance, and even Dropped out of High School. Now I make Money online.”

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my job sucks
About Dave Friant

Family man, blue collar worker, and former Fitness Instructor seeking to reinvigorate my passion for health and wellness via the internet and marketing myself on-line. Loving the journey and hoping some you will take it with me.

So I failed miserably at getting back into fitness, but something else happened. I learned I really love marketing on line and I'm getting good at it. The ability produce a income from the internet is crazy easy.

Next step good bye J.O.B and then I'll actually have the time to reboot that fitness thing. We only fail when we quit.


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