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Why is story telling such a powerful way to make money online?

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If you’ve found your way to this blog it’s probably because your intrigued by Idea of making money online. Well let me tell you, you are already in possession of one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

Maybe by now you are wondering what that tool is. We’ve been using this concept since the beginning of our species.

Anyone and everyone can do this if you have just one friend you have proven you are capable of this. You see story telling is a way for you to connect with another human being.

Thanks to the internet we can use our story telling on a huge scale. Imagine the power of being able to connect with 10′s, 100′s, and even 1,000′s of people through your story telling. The people making a lot of money online have mastered this skill. My own mentor just recently started incorporating this technique into his online marketing with crazy results.

My friend went from making 1-2 thousand bucks a month to over six grand in a single month. Now there is no guarantee you’ll do the same here is our income disclosure.  I’m a little new to this industry and already making a small residual income of 5 hundred dollars.

Story Telling Dave Friant Style

Look I’m a high school drop out as you can see from my video I’m a construction worker, yet I still have a story. Well guess what you have a story to tell too. My story grows by the moment. It’s recently added a new and awesome chapter to that story. My wife after attending a high level marketers retreat in Costa Rica has decided to get involved and is becoming a blogger in her own right.

People all over are being introduced to this concept through the company I’m marketing along side my wife now, Empower Network. For the 1st time we are seeing total newbies make their very 1st dollar online and you could be  next.

empower network testimonial

Dave-“I grew up Poor, on Government Assistance, and even Dropped out of High School. Now I make Money online.”

Steph- “I started out not believing we could make money online,  very skeptical yet supportive of my husband’s efforts in his online business. Now we make money online together.”

costa rica master's retreat


P.S.- Are you struggling alone to make things happen in your business? Well stop it.

Or do you just need a way to make some extra cash online? Then you have found the only system you will ever need.

Dave- “I grew up Poor, on Government Assistance, and even Dropped out of High School. Now I make Money online.”

Costa Rica Master's Retreat

About Dave Friant

Family man, blue collar worker, and former Fitness Instructor seeking to reinvigorate my passion for health and wellness via the internet and marketing myself on-line. Loving the journey and hoping some you will take it with me.

So I failed miserably at getting back into fitness, but something else happened. I learned I really love marketing on line and I'm getting good at it. The ability produce a income from the internet is crazy easy.

Next step good bye J.O.B and then I'll actually have the time to reboot that fitness thing. We only fail when we quit.


  1. Hey Dave and Steph

    It’s great what you are doing and what you say in your blog. You guys are “doing it.” That’s so refreshing to hear. May the force stay with youboth!
    Noeline Matthews recently posted..Low Barrier to Freedom to Live How You Want- Network Marketing Pro is the Better WayMy Profile


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