What does having a winning attitude mean?

If you have winning attitude do you need anything else?

winning attitude

Don’t be silly of course a winning attitude by it’s self is not enough. What it will do for you is let you keep going when you would of otherwise quit.

It’ll make you strive and reach further then you ever would of. I’m going to write from the stand point of the industry I’m in, direct sales. There is a lot of really great people in this industry that have a winning attitude.

There are also people that are less then great. Personally I try to help people where ever I can. I love sharing what I’ve learned. The only thing is find people will try to take advantage of this as well.

I’ve tried to help people in the past messaging them privately and then to only have them in a public forum try to turn it around. I could let this bother me, but I refuse to feed into it. My goal is to elevate myself by lifting others up.

What’s the point to getting to the top by tearing others down only to realize your standing there by yourself.



The reason I’ll put so much emphasis on a winning attitude is this. When I was doing road construction and I put in a 12 hr day without the right mindset I’d never been able to come home and start click-clacking away at the keys.
So my advice surround yourselves with positive people and messages. Before I lost my job I’d have a hour commute each way. One of the things I’d do is listen to audio books in the car.
Then I realized I could download my inner circle training from Empower Network to my Iphone and I did that. The point is enrich yourself and expand your mind when ever you can. Then you’ll never having anything to fear from the dark again.

So come get your winning attitude on with our team and be empowered, join us-

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About Dave Friant

Family man, blue collar worker, and former Fitness Instructor seeking to reinvigorate my passion for health and wellness via the internet and marketing myself on-line. Loving the journey and hoping some you will take it with me.

So I failed miserably at getting back into fitness, but something else happened. I learned I really love marketing on line and I'm getting good at it. The ability produce a income from the internet is crazy easy.

Next step good bye J.O.B and then I'll actually have the time to reboot that fitness thing. We only fail when we quit.


  1. Great advice! Positivism is truly a prerequisite for any successful business person.
    Brandon Murray recently posted..The Truth About Making Internet Marketing A CareerMy Profile

  2. Having a winning attitude is everything. You bro! Your shizzle is getting better where do I sign up? :)

    There really are lots of bad people out there. The scary part is some of them don’t even know they are bad.

    Not only that it’s not a good idea to surround yourself with people who only add a negative impact in your life. If they aren’t supporting your winning attitude get em out of your life you don’t need them.
    Larry Rivera recently posted..Developing a Winner MindsetMy Profile

    • Thanks Larry,
      Your on the top of my positive list plus are crew over in Share the Blog Love group. There are two things that hold people back.
      1) Uneducated- These guys just don’t know any better. We just gotta teach as many as we can.
      2)Scarcity mindset people- I don’t know what to say about these people. They’re just scared. They are afraid there won’t be enough to go around.
      I guess we can only hope these guys come around.

      In the mean time gather up all as many positive influences to you as you can, build real relationships, and don’t worry if their in a business under you already. Help others and others will help you.
      Thanks for adding your wisdom and experience to my blog.

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