Your Everyday Solution At The Entrepreneur Expo In Milton Delaware

Entrepreneur expoI had a couple first over the past weekend at the time of me writing this post.

I got to sponsor my first Entrepreneur Expo.

I got to speak at my first live event.

Now maybe your wondering what that has to do with you or even why you should care at all. Well stick around because I’ve come to bring the value.

The Entrepreneur Expo was our launch of our local Team- Your Everyday Solution

Y.E.S for short.
Why Y.E.S?
Because it’s more fun to say Y.E.S than no.

We are gearing up to start doing live workshops and if you are in the tri-state area or close by we’d love to meet you. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live we’ll be recording them for our friends on the internet.

The video below contains a very small sample of what we are going to be doing in the future.

If you watch the video below of the live presentation we did at the Entrepreneur Expo there are lessons that will help you succeed.

So that was our very first live speaking engagement as team and if you like that you haven’t seen anything yet. Keep in mind none of us have ever spoken at a live event before. Sure before the Entrepreneur Expo have all shot a ton of videos and done some Google Hangouts before, but that isn’t the same as having folks staring back atcha.

We sponsored the Entrepreneur Expo in partnership with the Home Based Business Chamber of Commerce DelMarVa chapter so I’d be more than a little remiss if I didn’t thank them for allowing us the opportunity to partner with them.

I’d like to extend my personal invitation to you to work with us personally just click the button below, enter your e-mail address, and let’s lock arms and run together.

entrepreneur expo

entrepreneur expo
About Dave Friant

Family man, blue collar worker, and former Fitness Instructor seeking to reinvigorate my passion for health and wellness via the internet and marketing myself on-line. Loving the journey and hoping some you will take it with me.

So I failed miserably at getting back into fitness, but something else happened. I learned I really love marketing on line and I'm getting good at it. The ability produce a income from the internet is crazy easy.

Next step good bye J.O.B and then I'll actually have the time to reboot that fitness thing. We only fail when we quit.


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