Free Training Webinars Up and Running

Our Empower Network Team has recently started free training webinars.

We launched weekly free training webinars, in order to give our new team members a little extra help. This week was our maiden voyage and there were no casualties. Actually it went really well. Of course when you experiment with new technology there is always room for mishaps, but we had none and learned some stuff to boot. Things will only get better from here on out.

free training webinar

Reasons for Weekly Free Training Webinars

  1. Create a a unique selling proposition for ourselves and team.
  2. Churn out the best team of expert bloggers we can.
  3. Have a time and place for questions and problems to get addressed.
  4. A way to archive important information as videos.

In addition to the free training webinars we also have a Skype chat group and a Face Book group. To often people come into a business and get completely forgotten about once they’ve whipped out their credit cards. Not gone to happen on our watch. People will get as much support as they need.

Here is a video I did  on our free training webinars.

If your looking to make money online and build your brand you should be using a tool like a blog. It does several things for you. 1st and foremost it gives you presence online. 2nd it’s a place for people to find and start following you. Even better the search engines will get them to you. 3rd it begins to make you appear to be a expert. I mean you have your own website and everything, LOL.

So I highly recommend carving out your own little space on line. This can be a little tricky in the beginning. Thankfully there is now a simple inexpensive solution to this problem. Come get the solution and enjoy all the freebies we throw you for being on our team-

                                                                      Free Training Webinars


Free Training Webinars
About Dave Friant

Family man, blue collar worker, and former Fitness Instructor seeking to reinvigorate my passion for health and wellness via the internet and marketing myself on-line. Loving the journey and hoping some you will take it with me.

So I failed miserably at getting back into fitness, but something else happened. I learned I really love marketing on line and I'm getting good at it. The ability produce a income from the internet is crazy easy.

Next step good bye J.O.B and then I'll actually have the time to reboot that fitness thing. We only fail when we quit.


  1. Hey Dave,

    I believe that if you’re going to promote a program like EN then you definitely need to have the training that goes with it. I have no doubt that it’s top notch and that everyone will benefit from what is shared.

    All that’s left of them is to take action.

    Enjoy your day!

    Adrienne recently posted..What Facebook Can Teach Us about Rapidly Growing Your BlogMy Profile

  2. Thanks Adrienne for stopping by. I can always tell when my wife has been to one of your posts. She enjoys reading them.

    OK, myself and Larry decided we didn’t want to just leave everyone out in the cold after we got their money. We made the decision that webinars would be the best way to help the most people.

  3. Hi Dave,
    I will definitely check out the webinars, any advice that comes my way is more than welcomed.
    I love this part ” 3rd it begins to make you appear to be a expert. I mean you have your own website and everything,”, it made me laugh although it’s late and I’m losing my concentration.
    Mariella Lombardi recently posted..US Marine Replaces TRX Destroyed By a Roadside Bomb – The Benefits of Using the TRX Suspension Training!My Profile

    • Hi Mariella,
      Thanks for checking me out. Having our place on the web helps for sure. You can do that on a high authority site that will actually get traffic right from the start. You won’t have to spend months waiting to be indexed by the search engines like I did. Get started for as little as $25 and we’ll through in the free webinars to help get the most out of your site.


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